We're shutting down our automated voice system at this time, while we evaluate our options to make improvements, and build new services.   Check back again here soon or follow us on social media for more updates in late 2019.     

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Missing phone service. 

Instant access to all your contacts.  

Call/text anyone on your contacts list.  

Travel, explore, and move worry-free.

Life happens. 

Get FonedUp!


Simple. Secure. Reliable.

FonedUp is the perfect solution for people who are concerned about safety in emergency situations. When you need to reach your contacts, many things could go wrong: your phone might be out of battery, or it might have been lost or stolen, for example. With FonedUp, you can store your contacts securely in the cloud using our app, and call or text them using any phone, without the need to enter the number!

Never worry about being without your phone again

Quickly connect from ANY phone

No need to memorize numbers of your contacts 

One number to memorize 877-FONEDUP

Secure intelligent Voice Automated System (iVAS)

Call or text any of your contacts for free

Only you have access to your contacts 

New services are coming soon!


Hi, I'm iVAS



What is FonedUp?

FonedUp is an application available on the iOS App Store and Android Google Play that gives users the ability to emergency call or text their contacts when they do not have access to their device. The users can call from any other phone and FonedUp utilizes a secure, cloud-based intelligent voice automated system (iVAS) to connect them to their contacts.

Why do I need FonedUp?
With the accessibility of our devices nearly constantly, there is no longer a need to memorize the phone numbers of our most important contacts. Imagine your phone dies, it is lost or stolen, you forgot it at home, or you drop it on the ground and it is unusable -- these things happen when they are least expected. With FonedUp, you would not have to worry about trying to reach any of your contacts under one of these circumstances. All you would need to do is dial 877-FONEDUP from any nearby phone, provide your secure, identifying information, and voila! FonedUp will call or text anyone from your contacts list. Now you can go wherever, with or without your phone, worry-free!

How do I get started?
Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3!


  1. Download the iOS or Android app.

  2. Register with FonedUp by following the steps in the app.

  3. Sync your contacts through the app.


That’s it! You can now call or text your contacts from any other phone -- no memorization required! Just call iVAS (our intelligent voice automated system) at 877-FONEDUP whenever your phone is unavailable to connect with your contacts.


Who is iVAS?

iVAS is our secure, cloud-based intelligent voice automated system. This is who you will be talking to when you dial 877-FONEDUP. iVAS will use the information stored securely in our database to connect you to your contacts via call or text.

Is FonedUp secure?
YES! Privacy is our top priority. We securely store your contacts and will never share or sell your information to anyone. For more information, visit our Security Page, Privacy Policy, and Terms to learn more.


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