Trust and Security 
We protect your data!  Security of your data always comes first.  We built our services with security first approach, at every layer.  We are strong data privacy advocates, so security and privacy is always maintained at the highest level.  We are hard at work to build and always maintain a reputable name in data protection, while providing critical services to our customers.  We built our infrastructure on AWS, trusted by large operations, that meets all required best security practice standards.
Secure and private by design 
We take securing your data very seriously.  We follow industry best practices when it comes to all aspects of our services.  Our network is designed to keep intruders out and we regularly test both internally and externally to ensure our security safeguards are fully capable of stopping intruders so all systems are secure and up to date.  Our network and OS configuration follow industry best practices in hardening and run in securely separated environments in AWS.
Controls to prevent unauthorized access  
We follow the principle of least privilege access by default.  Data is not seen by anyone who should not have access to systems, which store and process data.  Access is only granted with permission, in order to diagnose a problem.  Customer data is not visible or seen by anyone, who should not have access to it, and only granted to diagnose a problem.  Passwords are also fully encrypted and not visible to anyone.     
Encryption to protect data integrity

All data is encrypted in transit and at rest.  We encrypt all data that travels through our network using HTTPS.  Data is also encrypted at rest so it's not visible and can't be tampered.  We regularly scan our network to ensure all the latest protocols are in place with no vulnerabilities and the integrity of data traveling through our network is always guaranteed.  

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