Digital Amnesia – An Easily Manageable Effect of the Modern Technological Age

April 5, 2018

Don't think you can live without your smartphone, tablet and/or personal computer? Believe it would be nearly impossible to remember your spouse's phone number if you were ever without your phone? If so, you're definitely not alone. With the development of handheld wireless devices such as cellphones, various studies have found that we rely too heavily on our digital devices. And the result of this digital dependence is what some experts are referring to “digital amnesia”.


What is Digital Amnesia?

To put it simply, digital amnesia has to do with memory loss due to the brain being so heavily dependent on modern technology. Since we now have everything we need at our fingertips, our ability to remember and recollect has been impacted. The good news is digital amnesia isn't necessarily a bad thing. As a matter of fact, researchers have discovered that the brain has just altered and adapted the way it recalls and remembers.


What Are Some Solutions?

You can of course start memorizing all of those important dates and phone numbers yourself if you're up to the task. However, there's no need to fill the memory capacity of your brain with simple numbers you can access in other ways without being digitally dependent. You might want to jot those number down and keep them in your wallet, purse or briefcase. But what happens if you're without your phone AND your wallet? The easiest solution is using an app or service that stores your important numbers and info on a cloud. You'll never again need to memorize emergency contacts. All you have to do is remember one simple number that will grant you access to all of your stored contacts.


Got yourself a case of digital amnesia? No worries! There are plenty of tips, tricks and techniques you can use to make sure you stay connected when without your digital devices.


With FonedUp you can emergency call or text your contacts, from any other phone - no memorizing necessary!  877-FONEDUP: The Only Number You’ll Ever Need to Memorize!



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