April 22, 2018


Okay, so some part of you wants to disconnect from your smartphone so you can reconnect with the outside world of things like real life friends and trees.


What if we said there were some easy ways you could take a break from your phone? (Well, relatively easy. But we’re right behind you.)



1. Read a book/magazine/newspaper.

Basically, the key here is printed words on paper. You don’t have to be a bookworm to enjoy reading the paper or a popular magazine. Just be make a rule with yourself not to check your phone while you read.


2. Shut off notifications.

This can be tough to do, but limiting distracting sounds and lights from your phone can really help you focus on life outside your social media notifications.


3. Don’t use your phone first thing in the morning.

Most people use their smartphones as alarm clocks. This is a useful feature for helping you wake up, but it also puts your phone into your hands literally first thing when you wake up. If you use a real alarm clock, you can spend your mornings peacefully, not frantically checking social media.


4. Don’t let your screen be the last thing you see at night.

We’ve all read studies that say that the blue light that our phone screens emit is not only bad for our eyes but can prevent us from sleeping soundly. Make a pact with yourself to not pick up your phone at least a half hour before sleeping!


5. Enjoy the moment instead of documenting it.

We’re all guilty of this – seeing a flower, a meal, or having fun with friends as the perfect snapshot opportunity. But, by constantly being on the lookout for Instagram-able moments, you’re actually dividing a part of your attention away from the present moment.


Try leaving it at home sometimes so you can enjoy life without digital distractions. Use make a free account with FoneUp to help you feel more at peace leaving your phone behind!


With FonedUp you can emergency call or text your contacts, from any other phone - no memorizing necessary!  877-FONEDUP: The Only Number You’ll Ever Need to Memorize!




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