Where Are You Most Likely To Lose Your Phone? Find Out Here!

May 6, 2018


Wherever your day takes you, it is likely that you do not head out without your phone. You may take your phone everywhere you go, but will you return home with it? Losing a phone is a fairly common occurrence, but some places are more likely to result in a lost phone than others.


Research shows that the most likely place you will lose your phone is in a coffee shop. This is not surprising as it is easy to get swept up in conversation and forget to grab your phone on the way out. Your favorite coffee shop is followed by bars, your office, and restaurants on the list of most likely places to lose your phone at.


In addition to common places you are most likely to lose your phone in, there are also a few cities known for lost phones. If your summer travels are taking you to Philadelphia, Seattle, Oakland, Long Beach, or Newark, keep a close eye on your phone as these are the top five cities for phone loss.


Though we may frequent many of the most common places to lose your phone, there are a few tricks you can use to avoid doing so. First, keep a screen lock on your phone. If it does go missing, no one will be able to access your personal missing. Second, download FonedUp.


FonedUp is a mobile application available on iOS (coming soon!) and Android that allows you to connect to your contacts, even if your phone is missing. This makes the thought of losing your phone less worrisome.


Finally, before you leave your destination, do a quick check to make sure you have everything you need -- including your phone!





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