What Studies Say About Missing Phones

May 13, 2018



For most people, the loss of a mobile phone is not as painful as contact details, and personal information that might not be retrievable. Especially for those who have high affinities with their phones, it could cause a major blow, some ostracize themselves from others and develop serious depression.

According to UK’s advance digital communication company, it's stated that “around 10 million mobile gadgets which include smartphones, tablets, and laptops holding sensitive business information have been lost by employees across Britain”.  After a survey was carried out among employees it was discovered that; one out of 5 employees lost their mobile phones during a night out, and one out of 6 employees lost their phones in public toilets.


Another shocking reality is that with each passing year retrieving your mobile phone becomes difficult. Three years ago, there was a 66% chance of retrieving your mobile device whether stolen or misplaced, but of recent, there are less than 51% chance of retrieving your mobile device. This is due to the increase in prices of high-end devices, so most of the stolen devices are sold as secondhand products in markets like China or other countries.


Here we will consider the number of phones lost in a minute, hour, day, weeks and years;


Number of Phones Lost in Minutes, Hours, and Weeks


Philadelphia has the highest number of mobile phones stolen per minutes basis, in the united states. Over 113 mobile phones get stolen or lost every minute in the united states, with Philadelphia holding the top spot for highest occurrences.


According to a data provided by protect your bubble a renowned gadget-insurance company in collaboration with Lookout’s mobile lost & found survey stated that “there are more chances of phones getting lost in Philly, Seattle, and Oakland respectively.


In 2010 over twenty thousand mobile phones were stolen or lost each day. In the UK, one out of six adults misplaces their mobile phones within 12 months. According to the data, released by the Delhi police department, it states that “the two most sought-after items by thieves are mobile phones and motor vehicles. Cases of theft registered in a day amount to 120 mobile phones, which makes sophisticated mobile phones targets for various kind of thieves – buglers, street muggers, pickpockets, and so on.


The police said the main target of thieves these days is the mobile phone, they are fully convinced that everybody owns one or two mobile phones. They look out for crowded places like the Delhi Metro. Over 4800 cases of crimes of all sorts where committed weekly, where 3600 cases were reported to be cases of stolen property- mobile phone and motor vehicles.


50% of stolen phones are reported from metro and railway station, over 20,500 stolen phone cases are being reported. It is believed that there are more people with similar cases, but fear of them being exposed to the public eye makes them negligent.


Thieves are pocketing over 2000 phones each day, with iPhone remaining there number one choice of gadgets. Since the launch of Apple product, places like England and Wales have millions of users across board. The latest of the iPhones are the most stolen phones in the world; it is advisable that people who own these devices should be security conscious.


The closest target of phone theft after the iPhone is  \Samsung, LG, HTC, and so on. But whatever brand of phone that you use, it is imperative that you pay keen attention to security.

Police officers stated that many of the top shot phones stolen are resold in other parts of the world to make extra cash. This makes it impossible to block the phone if it is in transit to other countries. Sometimes banking information is cropped out of this device and handed to criminals who are adept at stealing with people’s banking details.

Researchers have also shown that females between the ages of 14 and 24 are often victims cases of phone theft, they sometimes leave their phone in a saloon lying unguarded or at a coffee shop.




Number of Phones Lost Yearly


Nearly half a million (446,000) people misplace their mobile phones in the UK in 2016, but statistics are showing gradual improvements in the amount of mobile phones theft in the UK. In 2012 the United States, 2.1 million Americans had their phones stolen, according to a report published by the consumer reports national center. In 2013 about 3.1 million phones were stolen in the United States which shows a gradual increase in mobile phone theft in that part of the world. With the advent of Android devices which permits the deactivation of stolen gadgets, which might plunge thieves into going back to their usual business.

Over time smartphones have allowed thieves to remove data and information of users on their phone and sell it to another part of the world where there are markets for second hand products. This has prompted prosecutors in the United States to demand a technology that will hinder thieves from selling phones abroad. Apple is doing quite well in this regard since the inception of the kill switch to its find my iPhone app, police have reported that iPhone thefts have reduced gradually. But Android phones need to work more on ways to create apps that will prevent resale of phones to other part of the world after it has been stolen.


Measures That Are Worthy Of Consideration


Phones easily get misplaced in places like coffee shop, drug store, bar, offices, restaurant, grocery store, gas station, and so on. No one is being blamed for a lost or stolen mobile phone, for a fact it is gradually turning to a normalized way of life that can befall anybody. Chicago holds the record of mobile phone theft happening in places of worship like the church, so it is advised that you pay attention while in the church and keep your mobile phones in airplane mode to prevent distractions of any sort.

It is essential for parents to maintain a good level of communication with their children preventing them from building their lifestyle around these transient devices- which can be stolen, damaged or disposed off any time.


Employees should ensure they always have their kill switch apps on, which will prevent personal information and company records from falling into the wrong hands when their mobile phones get stolen.


For one’s mobile phone to get stolen might be unavoidable but reducing the risk is possible and achievable.


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