5 Things to Invest in for a New Phone

May 27, 2018



This is the 21st century, a time when you don't have an excuse not to have basic knowledge about technology. Mobile phones are ranked high among the sophisticated utility technology in modern times, and guess what? It is in the pocket of almost everybody. But beyond owning a mobile phone, and using it to store quite a number of very useful data, people continue to seek for new ways to store up information to last beyond the life of the mobile phone.


A large percentage of mobile phone users still lose important data with the loss of their phones but that should not necessarily be the case. You should be able to get back important data in your phone, ranging from contacts to media and images at any time and from any device.


Here, we have outlined quite a number of interesting things to invest in to protect you valued data, when you get a new phone.


Invest In Fonedup


This is an important application that you should invest in if you want to get anywhere close to having your contacts and all other data safe beyond the lifetime of your phone.


With FonedUp, you are guaranteed constant access to the data in your mobile device. Imagine the possibility of getting back all important contacts from your phone in events when it dies, drops to the ground or becomes completely unusable.


The process is even easier than you're probably thinking: download the iOS (coming soon) or Android app, register by following all the steps provided in the app, synchronize your contact and important data through the app and that's it! It is secured and available at anytime you may need it.


Backup Tools


A very important and popular step to follow if you don't want to lose your important data is to back up regularly. It is in fact advised that you backup your data very regularly, depending on how much data you can afford to lose in event of phone crash or loss.If you use your phone for anything at all, whether to store photos, contacts, messages, half written PDF files, or a music library that you want to get back sometimes in the future, then you can't just fall back or rely on the storage that the phone provides. You will certainly need backup services, but the question is, will you sit and watch until it is too late to act?


Definitely no.


Believe it, no matter how careful you choose to be with your mobile device, there's still a slim chance that you'll spill your morning coffee on it or simply get it broken at some point. What if any of these were to happen to you today, are you prepared to handle the loss that will come with it?


Here are a few backup tools that will really help you get going with storing your phone data.



StorageDropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage platforms for mobile phone and computer data. The platform offers up to 1TB Storage for $9.99/month. It is amazing how much it can be synchronized at any time with your mobile device, allowing you the leverage of accessing all your files just from any mobile device that has internet connection.


Google Drive

Very similar to Dropbox, the Google drive also powers file storage and service synchronization over a shared network. The platform was launched by Google in 2012 and offers website and android app services that allow users to store files on their servers, synchronize files on their network, and share files. The platform encompasses Google docs including, spreadsheets, presentations, slides, drawings, forms, and more.


Invest In Hiding Data With Steganography


This is a simple method to store up information. It is a very cost effective and highly efficient for storing up important data on your phone, especially if your purpose of storage is to keep the data away from a set of people. On this method, it is relatively difficult to know where the data is hidden, unless you have inside information. It involves hiding data in plain view, inside another file, so that it is so stealthily stored away to beat a the strategies of information hackers. As long as it's an image, anybody that doesn't know that it hides anything or what it hides will believe and still look at it like just a normal and ordinary picture.


The model is very useful in places and times when sharing of encrypted messages can be banned. Under this method, there are many different techniques that enables the ability to conceal data inside another normal file. A popularly known technique under the platform is known commonly as LSB.


Invest In Updating Your Operating


SystemYou've heard about how the little things we often want to overlook amount to much in the long run. Well, this is a typical case with operating system upgrade as a way to keep your data safe from sudden lose that may occur from system crash or other reasons. Think of those really annoying banners that often pop up on the screen of your phone as a blessing, more than it is a curse. Those banners often are reminders and links to help fix your almost outdated operating system. Don't just put those banners off, follow the prompts to upgrade your phone's operating systems to just the right versions that will help you fix all the security issues that are found in the old operating system. The more you see these pop ups and just look away, the more you are increasing the risk chances of losing valuable data that you may like to keep and reference to in the future.


Invest In VPN Too


VPN stands for virtual private network. This tool is very important if you are frequently using WIFI connection to access the internet. Free public WiFi may sound thee amazing to anybody who is operating on a budget, especially since it reduces the burden on your data plan. But you must be careful when tapping into unsecured networks, since it creates a ridiculous level of ease for hackers to intercept and capture your personal data.


Web experts are always advising that you avoid providing passwords or personal codes like credit card over an unsecured network, when you are using WiFi. If you must make a purchase, then you should switch to your mobile data when using the payment interface.


Apart from all these careful threads, you can actually use a VPN, to encrypt your wireless session across any public network. You can buy VPN from app store for about $5 - $10 a month. You don't have to go through all the stress of trying different careful strategies, just make VPN use a habit during times of accessing sensitive material, so that you can use a public network from anywhere, and still get the complete feeling of security.




Losing important data to virus, theft or destruction is painful, especially since the cost of lost data can sometimes get much. You don’t want the stress that goes with such loss, and that’s why you need to invest in information storage.











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5 Things to Invest in for a New Phone

May 27, 2018

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